Primary Election - April 23, 2024!

April 23rd is a critical primary election for Indian Valley as we will be choosing our presidential candidate, PA Attorney General, GOP Delegates, and U.S. House Seat for District 1. There are many important offices on the ballot, but these are the main contested races.

We need your vote this election to preserve our freedoms and constitutional rights such as religious liberty, and the right to bear arms. Many people still don’t know the primary is early this year so please tell all your friends, family, and neighbors so they know to get out to vote THIS Tuesday!

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Elections Overview

Every year we have two elections - the primary election and the general election. The primary election happens in the spring and determines which candidates will run for each political party in each seat that will be up for election in November. The general election occurs each November and is the final election to determine who our legislators will be for the next two or four years (depending on the term for that office).  

The Primary Election

The primary election (or primaries) can be difficult to remember, but incredibly important to participate in. For example, some offices like school boards are typically cross-filed because they are seen as non-political, therefore if you don’t come out to vote, a Republican or Democrat candidate can be knocked off completely just by the primary election. In addition, this is your opportunity to have a choice of who is representing you in your party for each candidate race. So if there is a Republican governor candidate you strongly support, you will want to get out to vote in the primary to make sure he/she is the person selected to face off with the democrat candidate in the general election come November.Many Republicans, especially in recent days have switched to the libertarian party. This presents a challenge in the primaries though because registered libertarians can ONLY vote for libertarian candidates, registered republicans can ONLY vote for republican candidates, and registered democrats can only vote for democrat candidates.  This is why it is so very important to be registered for the party you want to vote in.

The General Election

The general election in November each year is probably the most notable for Americans as this is what determines who will represent “we the people '' in the government office that is up for election.  In this election, it makes no difference what party you are since you can vote across party lines for the candidate you feel is best.Something that can get rather confusing in all the races is the overlap in candidates running. Some of which represent your district on the PA State level, while others represent PA on our national level. And within both the state and national seats we have Senate and House representation.

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